Extra Virgin Olive Oil Roots – new harvest


Don’t trust the quality of the oils you buy in the supermarket? Are you looking for a mature extra virgin olive oil for daily cooking?

If you are looking for quality on the stove, this is your EVOO of excellent quality, ideal for daily use.

Get your ROOTS EVOO now, soft and very light, perfect for cooking and improving the flavor of your dishes.
Enjoy the flavor and authenticity of our roots with products that come directly from the field for you, without intermediaries.

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Roots is our most mature and smoothest extra virgin olive oil, perfect for those who love cooking and are looking for quality in their dishes, from the beginning to the end.
Like PREMIUM and ORGANIC, ROOTS is made with olives that belong to the Protected Designation of Origin of Lower Aragon.
It differs from its older brothers in that it is made in mid-November with a much more mature Empeltre olive. It is also made from a blend of Empeltre and Arbequina olives, which is normally divided into 70% Empeltre and 30% Arbequina olives.

– Empeltre and Arbequina varieties
– Late harvest in November
– First cold extraction in less than 12 hours.
– Very smooth intensity with notes of ripe fruits.

In nose we perceive a very soft fruity of low intensity, where we can notice touches of fresh grass as well as ripe tomato.
On the palate, we are tasting the most mature EVOO of the three.
It is less bitter, less spicy but with a higher intensity of sweetness, due to its maturity. ROOTS is our everyday EVOO, ideal for cooking.

Tasting notes:
Perfect for vinaigrettes, salads, sauces, and ideal use for cooking your best recipes.

SPICY 2 / 5
SWEET 3 / 5


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