Gift Set Cofre ALHAJA Diamond wood box


Discover, enjoy, share and surprise… With our main Gourmet gift set ALHAJA, which contains small gourmet treasures, worthy of being enjoyed.

For many years, these little treasures have remained hidden until Mis Raíces has polished them so that all together we can enjoy the best aoves and the best honey from Bajo Aragón as well as the exclusive olive beer made with our Empeltre olives.

Enjoy the flavor and authenticity of our roots.
Direct from the field to you, without intermediaries.
Supporting the development of rural areas and recovering rural fabric.


The word ALHAJA is magic in our family. In honor of our grandmother, who always referred to us as ALHAJA, we are launching the 2nd edition of the gift set Cofre ALHAJA.
In this pack of products you will discover gourmet treasures with origin in rural areas, such as our premium aoves, the 1st green olive beer in the world or 100% artisan honeys.
In this box you will find authentic flavors, full of tradition, full of stories that survive after generations, and now dream to last in time.

This Diamante de Madera combination is the most exclusive and complete of the 4 options we offer, and includes:
– Magnificent pine wood box, with lifting lid and 2 rope handles.
– Brochure where the origin of the name ALHAJA is mentioned and through which we are shown a QR code that redirects us to a video to meet the protagonist of the COFRE, our grandmother Ángeles.
– 500ml bottle Premium Roots, our highest quality EVOO, ideal for the most demanding palates. This extra virgin olive oil, of early harvest and from the empeltre olive variety, is unique in the world. With this fantastic gourmet EVOO you will praise and complete your dishes and dressings.
– Organic Roots 500ml bottle, our 100% organic reference, is ideal for those who are looking for organic and sustainable products. Our Organic Roots has a fantastic fruity aroma and great balance of spicy, bitter and sweet intensities.
– Our jar of Rosemary Honey in 280 gr format harvested in early spring can not miss any of our 4 combinations of ALHAJA COFRE. Its aroma is not very intense with a medium persistence and floral touches with camphor tones. It has a mild sweet taste, with slight acidic notes.
– Finally, our most innovative and differential product, our Oliba Green Beer Mis Raíces! in 75cl format with case. This beer is the first green beer in the world brewed with olives! And gluten free! Yes, you read that right, GREEN and with OLIVES, and not just any olives…no, it is brewed with our empeltre olives, harvested by hand by our family during the month of October, coming from centenary olive trees. Our Mis Raíces Oliba Green Beer is smooth, fresh and slightly bitter.


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