Gourmet Rosemary Honey Mis Raíces


100% natural honey, 100% artisan, 100% authentic.

Four generations and almost 100 years of history and quality endorse us. Discover our gourmet Rosemary and Thyme honeys.

Enjoy the taste and authenticity of pure honeys, natural honeys, without additives of any kind, honeys like the ones from before,… enjoy the honeys of our roots.
Direct from the field for you, without intermediaries and supporting entrepreneurship and development of rural areas of Teruel.
Do not miss these exquisite products and take them to you in an easy, fast and safe way.

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If you like to take care of yourself or simply enjoy a sweet treat, Mis Raíces Mieles Gourmet offers you a premium quality sweetener, 100% natural, 100% artisan, with origin in Teruel and produced by a family of beekeepers with 4 generations of history, the Lecha Villanueva family.

They have more than extensive experience in the field of beekeeping and have more than 1,500 beehives throughout the area. The Lecha Villanueva family, with origins in Oliete and Ariño – Teruel -, has been producing exclusive artisan honey since the 1930s, mainly from Thyme and Rosemary, and is one of the few beekeeping workshops in all of Aragon.

The climatic and geographical conditions of our environment and region make the creation of Thyme and Rosemary honeys favorable, offering an unrepeatable product that can only be found, in its shape and appearance, in our territory.

Our Rosemary Honey, harvested in early spring, has a very light color – maximum 35 mm Pfund -. Its aroma is not very intense with a medium persistence and floral touches with camphor tones. It has a mild sweet taste, with slight acidic notes. Fine crystallization if it is rich in almond and coarse if it is rich in radish.


Optimum storage temperature: 12 – 20 °C. Keep in cool and dark place.
Ingredients: Pure Iberian Thyme honey 280gr.


Nutrition Facts / Información Nutricional 100 gr
Energy Value / Valor Energético 1229 KJ / 288 Kcal
Total Carbohydrate / Hidratos de Carbono 76.4 g
Fructose / Fructosa 41,8 g
Glucose / Glucosa 34,6 g
Protein / Proteina 0,4 g


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