Oliba Green Beer Mis Raíces The Empeltre One 75cl


Do you want to surprise with something different and unique?

We present the first green beer in the world made with olives and suitable for celiacs!
Surprise your family with this innovative product and you will see how everyone will want to repeat.

Enjoy the flavor and authenticity of our roots, with this beer brewed with the exclusive Empeltre variety that offers unrepeatable nuances with rural origin and essence of authenticity.
A unique, innovative and at the same time appetizing and fun product. You will surprise, you will succeed and others will want to repeat.

Discover and share this spectacular beer with your loved ones in an easy, fast and safe way.

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Oliba Green Beer Mis Raíces is the world’s first green beer brewed with olives! And gluten-free!
And not just any olives… no, it is brewed with our empeltre olives, hand-picked by our family during the month of October, coming from centenary olive trees.

Do you have a dinner with friends or family and want to surprise? Our Cerveza Verde de Oliva in 75 cl format with a sleeve, is ideal to delight your family and surprise them. It is also a beer suitable for coeliacs. Share an oliBa, share happiness.

OLIBA GREEN BEER is fresh, smooth, complex, well rounded and refreshing; with a medium carbonation, it is a unique drink for its mouthfeel and its pleasant smoothness, achieved thanks to the olive. It is also a gluten-free* beer suitable for coeliacs.

Visual Appearance
The first thing that surprises us is the green color, which can remind us of a freshly pressed and cold extracted EVOO. As a whole, it is a light color obtained by cold canning for 2 months at a low temperature.
2 months at 0 degrees centigrade. The foam is white and creamy.

Surprising aroma of olive trees and a subtle touch of broken olives in the hand. In the background the hops are appreciated with spicy notes. We notice a sense of harmony, freshness and subtlety in the whole.

In the mouth it confirms what it promised in aroma. A very fresh beer with soft notes of breadcrumbs and traces of honey from the Pils malt. In the aftertaste
Empeltre olive flavor, especially when it gets warm, leaving a smoothness in the mouth reminiscent of extra virgin olive oil, in a very subtle and elegant way.


INGREDIENTS: Water, barley and wheat malts, barley flakes, hops, olive extract, olive and olive leaf infusion, spirulina extract and yeast.

* We make it a gluten-free beer by adding an enzyme that breaks down and eliminates gluten. Each production batch undergoes a strict control to measure that the product complies with the regulations of being a gluten-free beer.

Alc. 5.5% VOL

Optimum storage temperature: 1-10 °C. Keep in cool and dark place.


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