Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic Roots – new harvest


Discover now our 100% organic gourmet oil, ideal for those who are looking for an organic and sustainable but high quality product.

Enjoy the flavor and authenticity of our roots, with this oil made with the exclusive Empeltre and Arbequina olive varieties, both from our fields in Lower Aragon.
Get your internationally awarded ECO EVOO with roots that breathe tradition and authenticity.

With this Mis Raíces Organic Roots bottle you can easily, quickly and safely offer your loved ones a 100% organic product, direct from the field, without intermediaries and with which you will be supporting the entrepreneurship and development of the rural areas of Teruel.

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Organic Roots is our 100% Organic reference, for those who are looking for an organic and sustainable extra virgin olive oil. This excellent aove is usually produced at the end of October or the first week of November. Just at the end of the elaboration of its first brother “Premium Roots” is when we start the production of this fantastic aove. In addition to this difference in the time of elaboration, Organic Roots is different because it is a coupage between the Empeltre variety and the Arbequina variety. Both varieties are harvested in our Bajo Aragón area by our certified 100% organic farmers.
Organic Roots has a fantastic fruity aroma and a great balance of spicy, bitter and sweet intensities. A sensational option to dress your raw dishes; fish, meats, vegetables, pastas…

– 100% ECO varieties of Empeltre and Arbequina.
– Early harvest October – November
– First cold extraction in less than 12 hours.
– Acidity 0,14%.
– Polyphenol Levels: 328 mg/kg
– Medium intensity with ripe notes and a touch of fresh herbs.

The nose has a ripe and fruity medium intensity, with hints of fresh herbs. In the mouth it is smooth, its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness are characterized by a great balance and medium intensity but without having as much sweetness as the Premium Roots. Following this comparison with PREMIUM ROOTS, we discover a more mature EVOO as it is made with slightly riper olives.
ORGANIC ROOTS is our 100% ECO / ORGANIC EVOO – making it a fantastic choice for finishing and garnishing dishes. Like PREMIUM ROOTS both are excellent gourmet aove, and for that reason both have been awarded in several international competitions since they were launched on the market.

Tasting notes:
Perfect to use raw with salads, pasta, fish, meat, vegetables or simply with bread, where the delicious fruitiness will be appreciated.

BITTER 2 / 5
SPICY 2,5 / 5
SWEET 3 / 5


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