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Our Roots (Mis Raíces)

historia aceite

As in any story there is always a protagonist, an important and relevant character in the narrative.

In our case it was our great-great-grandfather Santiago Pastor Romeo, also known by the nickname Tararí.

We still use this nickname nowadays, after more than 120 years, it identifies us and by which we are known in the streets of our town, Oliete.

Our roots are born and sprout from a small and wonderful village called Oliete, from the Latin Olivatum which means olive grove or land of olive trees.

Settled on the banks of the Martín River and surrounded by mountains, we find our village, a town that belongs to the region of Andorra-Sierra de Arcos in the province of Teruel.

Our History

On February 21, 1911 our great-great-grandfather Santiago signed the purchase and sale of some olive tree farms, located in Las Albarizas, Oliete. After more than 100 years and more than 4 generations, we have maintained the tradition of harvesting, caring and pampering our olive trees, which with great affection we have harvested season after season, always for self-consumption and self-sufficiency, until 2016 when everything changed. 

The word albariza is associated with a type of whitish-colored soil, which is compacted to form boulders that allow the water from the short but intense rains of the region to remain in the subsoil for a long period of time, thus allowing the cultivation of olives.

As a curious fact, it is worth mentioning that Albarizas is the name of our company, which we wanted to name in honor of our origins.

cosecha mas

It is in the Albarizas where we have a small and cozy Mas (farmhouse), which is the name given to the small buildings that were once used as a home during the harvesting season, since there were no vehicles to return to the villages.

Our Mas was built by our grandparents Santiago and Maria and we currently share it with our uncles and cousins who have fields in the same area. Nowadays it is only used for cooking and storing the cultivation material.

Before going into detail about what happened in 2016, it is worth remembering that olive production in Lower Aragon dates back to Roman times. Some of the oldest thousand-year-old olive trees in Spain are found in our region.

The fact is that Lower Aragon is one of the most favorable areas in the world for the cultivation of the olive tree. The arduous climatic conditions with scarce and irregular rainfall, added to an arid and harsh area, make the empeltre variety a unique and exclusive olive, due to the characteristics of its environment.

In spite of the exceptional quality of the oil, the cultivation of the olive grove has been reducing and reducing, throughout the years, due to the low profitability. At present, it is estimated that there are about 100.000 barren olive trees in Oliete.

The low profitability can be explained mainly by three reasons:

The hereditary tradition of dividing land among sons in this region has resulted in very small plots of land (minifundio) and consequently expensive to farm.

campo de olivos

A large part of the olive grove is rainfed, which reduces the productivity of the olive tree and leaves the harvest at the expense of the luck of rainfall, which is usually scarce in the region.

Finally, an adequate marketing and commercialization process has not been developed to make this oil known outside the region at the international level.

All these reasons can be reversed by working with knowledge, commitment and a lot of effort, and at Mis Raíces we are fully committed, with the ambition of generating wealth in the region and contributing to the development of rural areas, such as Oliete.

Our Project

Mis Raíces was born as a premium brand of AOVES in May 2016. Víctor Moreno Pastor, great-great-grandson of grandfather Santiago, with experience in large multinationals, but with the illusion and motivation to take his own path, decided to take the big step and found Mis Raíces with the support of his family, taking over a project that Carlos Pastor Lázaro – his uncle and also grandson of Santiago Pastor Romeo – outlined during the 2000s. 

Victor and Carlos together with Alvaro Moreno Pastor, Victor’s brother, decided to undertake an ambitious project, with the help of the other founders Juan, Angeles and Alison, all part of our family. We all follow the same purpose:

Discover to the world the taste of authenticity and tradition of our roots.

Mis Raíces originated as a premium quality brand of extra virgin olive oils. The objective was to be present in the United States, a potential and strategic market for the company. 

In just 3 years we managed to establish ourselves in more than 400 stores in the North American market, an unprecedented feat in the oil sector, and launching 2 more references.

In 2021 Mis Raíces expands its business vision and launches new products such as honey from our region and a green olive beer, with the firm and clear objective of reaching new markets, new customers and at the same time developing and promoting rural areas.

Thus, Mis Raíces goes from being a single brand of AOVES to a gourmet brand of food products that fulfill our brand purpose.

Rural Development

Teruel is one of the most depopulated regions in Europe and nothing seems to change that. The census continues to shrink day by day, leaving lands, villages and lives condemned to oblivion. According to the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the province of Teruel loses about 100 inhabitants every month since 2016. 

In a century, Teruel province has lost no more and no less than half of its population.

Around 1910 the census was about 266,000 inhabitants – historical maximum – and in 2018 only 135,500 inhabitants were registered, 49% less. This demographic collapse derived from aging and emigration to large cities has reduced the provincial density from 18 inhabitants per square km to 9, being less than 10 which is the limit to consider a territory or area “demographic desert”.

Our origin, our roots are rural, and generation after generation has been able to see and verify in their own flesh, how their villages and streets were slowly emptying and fading. 

From Mis Raíces we want to contribute to rural development and help our town and its surroundings to regenerate that fabric that was once so strong and full of life.
We want to recover those empty homes and those dreary streets. We want to create jobs that will make it possible to repopulate our villages little by little. We want to help to build strong solidarity projects like the one of our colleagues Apadrina Un Olivo, who help to repopulate the abandoned olive trees in the fields of Oliete.

Our purpose as a brand, as a company, is to discover to the world the flavors of authenticity and tradition that we have been able to savor and enjoy for generations, those foods unique to our land such as oil, honey, empeltre olives, and that are now at risk of disappearing and being buried in oblivion.

Mis Raíces Project