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Why should we buy our spanish Gluten Free Oliba Green Beer Mis Raíces?

OLIBA Green Beer - Mis Raíces was brewed in the Click & Brew collaborative brewery, a project that was born in 2012 with Miquel, with more than 10 years of experience in the brewing industry, and Jordi, product designer with experience in advertising and business. Together, they presented and developed the basis of their project idea and defined the DNA of the company that today is Click&Brew.

In 2019 Click&Brew is recognized as BEST COMPANY 2019 FOR THIRD PARTY BEER MANUFACTURING at the FOOD & DRINK AWARDS 2019 organized by the English magazine LUXLife and later, in 2020 it is recognized as BEST BREW HUB / COLLABORATIVE FACTORY 2020 at the GLOBAL EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 organized by the English magazine LUXLife.

Click&Brew is the place where everything is born and magic happens. Our Mis Raíces beer, like its predecessor, follows the Lager style, originally from the Czech Republic. High quality Pils malts and Czech hops such as Saaz have been used to offer a product with a slightly higher alcohol content, 5.5%, and with the same refreshing and smooth touch.

"The Empeltre One is more intense than its sister, the original, both in smoothness and intensity of flavor and color. Differences marked by the olive variety used as a base: the Empeltre.

In addition, Oliba Green Beer is a gluten-free beer, a fact that does not affect its taste and makes it suitable for celiacs.

If you are looking for a low gluten beer, here you have a good one without any gluten! It's wheat free beer!!!

Why is Oliba Green Beer the best gluten free craft beer?

In addition to being a unique and unparalleled option as the first green olive beer.

It is a fresh, smooth, complex, well-rounded and refreshing beer; with a medium carbonation, it is a unique drink for its mouthfeel and its pleasant smoothness, achieved thanks to the olive. It is also a glutenfree beer suitable for celiacs.

Visual Aspect

The first thing that surprises us is the green color, which can remind us of a freshly pressed and cold extracted EVOO. As a whole, it is a light color obtained by cold decanting for 2 months at 0 degrees Celsius.

As for the foam, it is white and creamy.


Surprising aroma of olive trees and a subtle touch of broken olives in the hand.

In the background the hops are appreciated with spicy notes. We notice a sense of harmony, freshness and subtlety in the whole.


The palate confirms what it promised in aroma. A very fresh beer with soft notes of bread crumbs and traces of honey from the Pils malt.

In the aftertaste, Empeltre olive flavor is perceived, especially when it gets warm, leaving a smoothness in the mouth reminiscent of extra virgin olive oil, in a very subtle and elegant way.

Ingredients for celiac beer

  1. Water
  2. Barley and Wheat Malts
  3. Barley Flakes
  4. Hops
  5. Yeast
  6. Empeltre Olive

Barley and Wheat Malts

The barley and wheat malts we use are of the highest quality and come from Germany, always from non-GMO crops.


The hops come from the Czech Republic and, in addition to being natural antibacterial agents, give it a characteristic bitterness.


Lager-type yeast naturally transforms the sugars in the must into alcohol and CO2 carbon dioxide gas.


Empeltre variety, originating in Lower Aragon, from centenary olive trees and harvested by traditional methods during the month of October or November.

History Oliba Green Beer Mis Raíces

In early 2020 began a beautiful collaboration between Mis Raíces and Ivan Caelles Colomés, founder of the brand OliBa Green Beer, a Leridan beer brand that was born that same year, launching the first green beer in the world brewed with olives. Yes, you heard right, WITH OLIVES!

From the Mis Raíces team we thought that making a green beer with Empeltre olives from Aragon would be a great idea to give more recognition and weight to our native variety, so little known in Spain and the world and thus open the possibility for OliBa Green Beer to enter the U.S. market, where Mis Raíces already has distribution and presence.

The goal is that an American can buy an OliBa Green Beer The Empeltre One beer in any shelf in the United States.

Thus, in less than a year, the so-called "OliBa Green Beer" The Empeltre One was born. A beer with similar notes to its sister "The Original One", but with somewhat different details and touches of flavor and aroma.

The difference of this new "The Empeltre One" with respect to "The Original One" lies in a greater intensity of flavor, alcohol content and color, thus expanding the OLIBA Green Beer range, which has set out to offer a range of interesting options to the consumer, with olive as a characteristic ingredient.