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Why buy a Mis Raíces gourmet gift set?

If you want to enjoy with your loved ones, or if you want to surprise with a gourmet gift, the ALHAJA COFFEE is your product.

In it you will discover our most precious gourmet treasures originating in rural areas, such as our premium aoves, the 1st green olive beer in the world - and gluten-free - or 100% artisan honeys.

In this box you will find authentic flavors, full of tradition, full of stories that survive after generations, and now struggle to endure in time.

To name our gourmet pack we chose the word Alhaja. For us this word is magical and has a very special meaning, which we have always heard in our family. We fondly remember when we were very young, our grandmother Ángeles used to use the expression "You are an alhaja", always with an affectionate tone and a smile.

The word Alhaja, of Arabic origin, is defined as an ornament or object made of noble metals and sometimes decorated with precious stones. An alhajero was the container where jewelry was kept. Alhaja is also attributed to a person or thing that has a lot of value and is very appreciated for its good qualities.

This gourmet basket, with small culinary jewels, is dedicated to her for all the love and tenderness with which she has always cared for us and watched us grow.

For the COFRE ALHAJA we have launched 4 possible combinations. On the one hand we have the wood finish or the more economical cardboard finish.

For both finishes we have the reference DIAMOND and PLATINUM, with different prices to suit your needs. Whichever combination you choose,


Olive oil gift set

If you are looking for an olive oil gift set, here you have the best option!

We have put together on the same set our best gourmet products, not only AWARD WINNIN EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OILS but also PURE HONEY and our unique gluten free OLIBA GREEN BEER

We are sure that with this gift you will surprise!