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Which extra virgin olive oil should I buy?

The extra virgin olive oil can be of different varieties, in fact, according to some sources, there are about 1,800 different varieties catalogued, in about 38 countries. Ours is the Empeltre variety, a variety that wins in tradition for offering an oil that belongs to the club of the oldest olive trees in Spain and in exclusivity, as the Empeltre variety only makes up in terms of hectares 1 / 10 parts of the extension of the Picual variety, the variety with more weight in Spain and worldwide.

Of these 70,000 hectares, our olive groves, located in the Albarizas, represent only 3 hectares, with the ambition to increase the number of hectares in the coming years.

Its cultivation area ranges from Logroño and Teruel (along the Ebro Valley) to the province of Tarragona. This variety can also be found in the Balearic Islands. The Empeltre variety occupies practically all the olive groves of the Bajo Aragón Turolense region, extending through towns such as Alcañiz, Alloza, Oliete, Samper de Calanda, Hijar, Calaceite…

Our variety is found in Lower Aragon, and is part of the Designation of Origin of Lower Aragon, being one of the most favorable areas in the world for the cultivation of the olive tree and where the best olive oil is produced.

Our unique Empeltre variety

As a curious fact to mention the belief about the origin of the term "Empeltre". It is believed to derive from the Catalan word "empelt" which means graft.

The reason?

This variety has a low rooting capacity, which makes it necessary to resort to grafting as the main method of reproduction.

Our Empeltre olive trees are characterized, among other things, by their large size, with upright branches and vertical canopies. Its leaves are shiny, dark green with a silvery underside, furrowed by a prominent greenish vein.

The olive is jet black and ripens early, from the first week of October to the first week of December. The olive is elongated, asymmetrical and slightly concave on the back, of medium size (2.7 gr) and with a pulp/stone ratio of 5.3.

Which extra virgin olive oil is the best?

Well, it is very difficult to answer. Each EVOO has its nuances, its particularities, its characteristics, and depending on how and with what you want to combine it, you will obtain better results.

We are going to describe how our extra virgin olive oil tastes and smells:

This fantastic coupage has a yellow color with golden hues and allows us to obtain an oil with a medium-high fruity flavor. In addition, the nose recalls a medium-high fruity intensity where we can enjoy hints of fresh grass, as well as aromas of tomato and artichoke, with a final touch of fennel characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

In the mouth it is smooth, and its bitterness, spiciness and sweetness stand out for their balance and medium intensity. These three attributes are accompanied by a slight astringent sensation, and delicious flavors of dried fruits, such as almonds and walnuts, both very characteristic of the Empeltre olive.

In general terms, we obtain an exquisite EVOO of excellent quality, perfect to accompany any food, from a toast with tomato, to pasta and salads, to raw meat and fish where we will use it to finish dishes and give the perfect touch.

What kind of extra virgin olive oils can we find?

In our portfolio you will be able to taste 3 different types of EVOO. The first and the most recognized is our PREMIUM ROOTS. An early extra virgin, harvested in October, cold extracted in less than 12 hours and with an excellent balance between spicy, sweet and bitter.

In second place we find the ORGANIC ROOTS. Our 100% organic reference, harvested in October - November from totally organic olives. Like the PREMIUM, it is cold extracted in less than 12 hours and also enjoys a perfect balance between spicy, sweet and bitter, with a more fruity touch.

Finally, we find our ROOTS EVOO for daily consumption. An extra virgin harvested in November and not as green as the PREMIUM and ORGANIC that is perfect for use in the kitchen. Of the 3 references it is the mildest of all.

What kind of formats do we have?

Para los 3 tipos de AOVE tenemos el formato de medio litro – 500 ml –. Además, para la referencia ecológica incorporamos nuestros formatos de 2 y 5 litros, perfectos para los amantes del aceite.

Our Olive Oil Mill - La Almazara de la Gaén

Located in La Puebla de Hijar, the "Almazara de la Gaén" is the place where it all happens, where Mis Raíces olive oil is born, thanks to the olives carefully selected from among the small olive growers of this town and also from other nearby towns such as Oliete, Samper de Calanda, Hijar, Castelnou, Jatiel or Urrea de Gaen, all of them located within the geographical area delimited by the Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin Aceite del Bajo Aragón.

Javier Sanchez is the master and owner of the Almazara de la Gaén.

Javier is also a partner of our company and is in charge of the production of Mis Raíces, season after season. He is also the Quality Manager, ensuring a high quality final product for our three varieties.

Javier holds an official certificate as an oil taster and practices as such. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise in the field, he has several awards as the best oil mill in Bajo Aragón and as the best oil mill master in Spain in 2019.

To buy an extra virgin olive oil, it is necessary to generate trust and transmit transparency of the process, from its beginning in the olive groves to the end of its production in the mill.

Mis Raíces is a 100% real and authentic brand, which takes care of the process with care from the first stage to the end, when the extra virgin olive oil is ready to be bottled and purchased.

  1. During the year we maintain and take care of the olive groves thanks to pruning -during the month of March / April-, and the prevention of pests, such as the fly, which usually arrives during the month of August - September.
  2. We analyze the state of maturity of the olive from the beginning of September to start harvesting at the optimum moment of maturity of the olive, thus guaranteeing premium quality and controlling the yield we want to obtain per kg of olive.
  3. We start the harvest of our olive groves together with those of the rest of the farmers in Lower Aragon, with whom we have an agreement to define the best harvest time.
  4. The olives are transported in less than 8 hours, from the moment of harvesting, to the oil mill, controlling at all times that the olives do not reach high temperatures, to prevent any kind of mishap.
  5. The production process of the extra virgin olive oil begins, in the hands of Javier Sanchez, who controls the entire production process, from the moment the olives arrive at the mill.
  6. Once the process is finished the EVOO is stored in the tanks, ready to be bottled.