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We want to discover to the world the taste of the authenticity and tradition of our roots, with gourmet treasures, exclusive and unique.

Our purpose is to contribute to rural development and help our village and its surroundings to regenerate that fabric that was once so strong and full of life.
To fill the houses and streets, to create jobs that make it possible to repopulate our villages little by little. We want to help build strong and solidary projects.

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I love a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil and I always make sure I never stay without.
To know if I like a type of oil, I simply add some to a slice of bread and when I tried this oil I really really enjoyed its rich taste.
Plus, it’s organic.
It came safely packed with no risk of the glass breaking.
I will definitely get some more for my salads or for cooking.

– Noah – 2020

A lovely, classy alternative to your run of the mill olive oil. A pale golden colour without even a hint of green, and a subtle, delicate flavour which wont overwhelm your cooking. I used this in a home made (and entirely home grown!) ratatouille to great effect.

– Crookedmouth – 2020

First time I’ve tried the organic variety, and can say just as smooth and tasty as the original.
I don’t have a salad without a drizzle of any of their range, and also perfect when doing a sauteed chorizo!

– Tim Townsend – 2019

This quite unique crafted olive oil is probably the finest I have ever tasted. 100% worth tasting.

– Cristian Pi Martín – 2020

Delicious! Highly recommend this superb award winning olive oil.

Debbie Lewis – 2018

Best Olive Oil I’ve ever tasted. Being an amateur chef and gourmet it’s wonderful to discover Mis Raíces, an amazing Olive Oil that is a perfect choice for recipes based on raw ingredients such as salads, carpaccios, crudites, etc

José Carlos Cortizo Pérez – 2017


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